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Is marriage a Business?

I was watching an interview on vladtv with Nick Cannon and the two of them seem to believe that marriage is a business… I don’t agree. Do you believe a marriage is about social and financi...

Whose the better artist? Ghostface or Raekwon

Whose the better artist? Ghostface Killah or chef Raekwon

Whose the better artist? Ja Rule or Eminem

Who is the better artist? Ja Rule or Eminem

Whose better? Guns and Roses or Red hot chilli peppers

Whose the better song writers? Guns and Roses or Red hot chilli peppers

Should you read the bible?

Is the Bible for everyone or does it cause division where there could be peace between those who follow Christ or those who follow Moses? BUT… What do you think?

What did Jesus look like?

I’m kind of confused… He has a mexican or Spanish name but they say he’s from the other side of the world… Black people say he’s black but white people seem to have wrote...

Why do you vote democrat?

Jim Crowe was from the democrat’s and all they have ever done was support the rich and barely nothing for the working class. They do a bit of positive as well, though. BUT… What do you thi...

Grand Theft Auto

This game is amazing!!!!! I just cause mayhem all day, this game is amazing!!!! No game compare’s.. BUT… What do you think?

Is P Diddy wasting money on that NFL team?

Do you think if puff daddy started Construction company, a renovation company, a retail company, a warehouse ect. Ect. Or all of the above in working class areas and built opportunities for employment...

Don King

There has been a Vlad interview that came out that was insinuating that Mr. King is involved in criminal activity and I just want to say it’s not true. Being friends with a criminal does not mak...

Evolution of life as we know it. Opinion by Spare Time Novels

I believe that everything you eat, you see, you wear, you own, drive, live in… Everything, everything! Comes from the ground. Including you and I. Some of us are derived from oil, some from snow...

Whose a better player? Jordan or Iverson

I say Jordan is the better player. BUT…. What do you think?

Rent and Mortgage… Are we being extorted?

I was talking to a local politician and he said the government can’t do anything about forcing banks and rental companies to lower mortgages and rent. Is there something the people can do that i...

Nipsey Hussle’s Death has brought awareness to selfish artists

Why don’t these rappers care about there communities? Why are they blaming this on the community? Nipsey got into an argument that turned terrible, stop blaming the community. You guys should be...

Review by Nuel Ukah

The City of Coffins by Spare Time Novels is a concise and dark story which involves killings, sexual abuse, and aliens. Good thing the author was not too explicit with the sexual scenes. The story was...

A well written tale

The City of Coffins is a Metropolis Island. It is called The City of Coffins because of the deadly activities of various gangs on the island. It is quite a dangerous place. You go out in the morning, ...

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