Are our lives affected by Astrology?

Maybe its just me…

But since they changed the first zodiac sign which was Taurus the Bull, to Aries the Ram. Citizens of countries have been working a lot more and own a lot less.

The Ram is also a fire sign… which would make sense why a lot of us have a hard time relating to one another and can’t seem to come together.

I imagine when the Bull which is an earth sign was first… People understood each other much more because all signs come from the earth.

You know when people say that chivalry is dead?

Is chivalry the way of the Bull? Living and Dying for love… You know the Bull is ruled by Venus, right?

Rams are used for there body’s qualities unless its too old and than the meat is not as good. (Retirement?)

Now that Ram is the first sign… all we do is work. Look at the North American icons that we have. There is one thing they all have in common… They are hard workers. They are being drained like the Ram.

24/7 working… never stopping.

This may be what starting the Zodiac with the Ram is about.

Maybe it’s just me…

But if this were times of the Bull. I think there would have been some sort of revolt to the financial slavery that is taking place today.

How many of you own your car?
How many of you own your home?
How many of you own and control your land?
How many of you own your phone?
How many of you live off of credit?
How many of you are working non-stop?

How many of you feel like a Ram?


What do you think?

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