Laura: A Romantic Story

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Mature Content: 17+

A Romantic Story, is the tale of Charlie Black. Mr. Black is a dark character who will never change.

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His life can be compared to death but unlike a Vampire he has an a emotion, an ideal of perfection and duality. Without knowing Laura he knew he always felt her essence somewhere on earth. When Laura comes to town, Charlie is swept away by her and waist no time dimming her complex personality of grace and beauty. The yin yang of the two souls collide but is the light Laura goes towards worth being away from her darkest of desires, her love Charlie Black.

1 review for Laura: A Romantic Story

  1. Nuel

    The City of Coffins by Spare Time Novels is a concise and dark story which involves killings, sexual abuse, and aliens. Good thing the author was not too explicit with the sexual scenes.
    The story was written from the viewpoint of the protagonist. His name was not mentioned from the beginning until he attacked the commissioner in his house, and when he went to Fish Face’s club. The protagonist is John, but he is mostly known by his notorious sobriquet, Dark Woods. Dark Woods became so notoriously known in the city as he begins to take over the big guns. But he has one major problem, the dark creature—Bill Shane and his alien. The story is fast paced, engaging, and properly edited.


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