Lucky: A Thriving Peninsula

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Mature Content: 17+

The story, Lucky by Spare Time Novels, is about a Peninsula that is taken over by a tyrant named Dark Woods. The villain lowers rent and mortgage by 90%.
The people of the metropolis island find themselves rooting for the villain, and many join his tribe. The authoritarians of the island try to grasp a hold of the city they once controlled, and are willing to do anything to turn things back to normal.

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While ten years in to a forty year sentence for arson, he is able to escape and begins working with two prominent crime figures of the Peninsula. He soon realizes that this island is a place of work and expensive play and majority of the citizens were just getting by. John falls in love with Madonna but as he himself becomes more prominent he attracts the attention of a Monster, a plagued vigilante who tries to injure John any time he can.

The Beast rules the streets with his hardcore and brutal way of beating down the lucrative immoral people of the Peninsula. While John evades the Beast he learns that the city has different puppeteers controlling the way the Peninsula is organized, but the Villain has a different plan for everyone.

1 review for Lucky: A Thriving Peninsula

  1. Samidha Goel

    Book: Lucky: A Thriving Peninsula
    Publisher: @sparetimenovels
    Publishing Date: March 06, 2018
    Length of the book: 25 pages

    John Woods, the protagonist as well as the villain in the story. It is a short and interesting read. The novella requires the age of 18 years or above. The book involves romance, rape, crime, sex, murder, adultery, alien and alcohol.

    John Woods, imprisoned for 30 years, finds a way to break out of the prison, alone, after a transfer in the private cell, in a peninsula. He tried to create a new life out of the prison and made a friend and found the love of his life, Madonna, simultaneously. Despite friends, he made enemies who wanted him dead. Dodging the bullets and murders, he made out alive,

    He even had to kill his only friend for his girlfriend. Later, he had to see his girlfriend dying, due to his mistakes. He took out the revenge in the most sick way possible, with the help of Ms. Horrible.
    He wanted to do good in the society. He wanted to please his people. He did not want anyone to die of poverty. When he realised there were living billionaires on the same peninsula, he wanted to be one. He murdered one of the billionaires to snatch away his property and money, and becomes the second richest billionaire of the peninsula. The richest man was still alive. He was rushing to see and slaughter him, but couldn’t reach him easily. The man had a very rich army to himself

    And I think, you should read what happens next in the story. NO SPOILERS

    Despite this, I highly recommend this book. Anyone who wants can but the ebook at $2 at <a href="" rel="nofollow ugc"></a>



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