Some Champ

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Mature Content: 17+

A short tale about a fixed match boxer who makes a decent living getting easy victories in the ring. One day he gets fifteen minutes of fame for an activity outside of the ring and the fame gets him a title shot for the heavyweight title….

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The boxer Charlie utilizes every advantage he has to take advantage of his opportunity but fans of the sport aren’t to happy about it

1 review for Some Champ

  1. Nuel

    Some Champ is an intriguing action-packed tale written by Brandon Records and published by Spare Time Novels. It has 21 brief chapters. It’s the story of a greedy boxer, Charlie Black, who rose to stardom by means of manipulation and intimidation. I didn’t like that the story ended without anyone being able to ruin Charlie and his empire. Well, people sometimes do really bad things and get away with it, anyway.

    The pace was fast, and the story was engaging. It seems to be professionally edited. I’d recommend Some Champ to lovers of short stories. It’s an entertaining read. And I think I now have an idea of some behind-the-scenes of boxing and some other sports.

    Get Some Champ now and enjoy the intriguing tale.



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